About SpringPACK™

About SpringPACK™

The full range of our standard SpringPACK™ products is the ideal packaging for everyday needs. Goods are always available in stock with delivery time within 48h.

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Innovation and Design

Design and Innovation

Our R&D Lab is ready to design, develop and realize samples for every new packaging solution that the customer requires, without additional project cost.

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Enviromental Friendly

Enviromental Friendly

SpringPACK™ is an enviromental friendly packaging and is disposable completely as used paper withaout the need to separate the elastic film from the cardboard.

Why choose SpringPACK™?

SpringPACK™ by DELES Group

DELES Group, since over 60 years, is the market leader in supplying packaging products and solution, warranty of quality, efficiency and deep experience in the packaging market.

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